How does the powder coating process differ from traditional wet-paint methods?

Powder Coat is a dry finishing process. The application process is very similar to wet paint. First, the profiles are hung on a conveyor line and pre-treated to remove any contaminants and to prepare the surface for painting. Next, the conveyor moves the profiles through a spray booth where they are coated with electro statically charged dry powder particles. Finally, the conveyor moves the profiles into the curing oven. The curing process melts the particles and fuses them into a solid coating. Unlike liquid paint, powder coating doesn't use any solvents, eliminating VOCs.

In terms of performance of the final product, how does powder coated aluminum compare to traditional wet painted aluminum?

Powder coating exceeds the performance of wet paint and is available in all AAMA grades – AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, AAMA 2605. The mechanical durability of powder coat greatly exceeds wet paint.

What benefits does powder coated aluminum provide to installers of curtain walls and skylights? What benefits does it provide to building owners?

For the installer, the durability of powder coat will eliminate much of the non-value add time spent touching-up and repairing site-damaged paint. Less site damage = less labor wasted = a better bottom line. For building owners, the durability benefit continues and is also realized as less maintenance due to paint damage from the building occupants. A side benefit is an enhanced experience for occupants, no one likes paint damage but it is a reality for any building…powder coat's durability can help mitigate any damage. In addition to the durability, powder coat is much more environmentally friendly than wet paint. Unlike wet paint, powder coat has minimal waste, no VOCs, and consumes less energy. Powder coat may also help building owners in attaining LEED credits.

Why should an architect, owner or installer specify powder coat paints over wet paint applications?

Powder coat is simply a better product. It is available in every AAMA specification grade, is far more durable than wet paint, is extremely cost competitive, is much better for the environment, and may help building owners attain LEED credits.

What are the environmental advantages of powder coating?

Unlike wet paint, powder coat contains no VOCs and TGIC ( Triglycidylisocyanurate) free. In addition, powder coating technology is state of the art, which reduces the amount of energy consumed, and eliminates unusable waste powder. Powder coating's environmental benefits may be further enhanced by using a chrome-free pretreatment, eliminating chromates and other heavy metals from the waste and production streams.

Are powder coated building materials able to earn LEED credits?

While there is no formal LEED category for profiles painted off-site, using powder coating may create an opportunity for credits for Innovation & Design. In addition, there are significant environmental benefits to choosing powder coat over wet paint. Powder coat contains no solvents, has no VOCs, requires less energy, and produces less waste than wet paint. Powder coating's environmental benefits may be further enhanced by using a chrome-free pretreatment, eliminating chromates and other heavy metals from the waste and production streams.

Is powder coating more cost effective than other painting methods? How do maintenance costs compare to other types of finishes?

Powder coat can be more cost effective than wet paint. In the short-term, powder coat's durability advantage means less site damage and less touch-up painting. In the long-term, medium & high-traffic areas will suffer less incidental damage, maintaining a better, more uniform appearance.

Are there any limitations on color, metallic effects or glosses with a powder coat paint application?

Powder coat is available in virtually any color and metallic effects may be achieved through the addition of mica or other materials. Gloss levels of 5-85% are available for AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2604 powder coat, AAMA 2605 powder coat is available with a gloss level of 25-35%.

How long is the lead-time for specialized orders?

Custom colors can be matched and produced in as little as 5 days. Metallic's require additional time, and are quoted on an ad-hoc basis.

As a relatively new technology, how can the customer be sure that powder coating is a good investment? What type of durability and performance testing has the product endured?

Powder coat has been used in the construction industry for decades, and has virtually eliminated the use of architectural wet paint in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Extensive weatherability, durability, and other performance testing has proven powder coat's validity as a stable, long-lived, environmentally friendly, and cost effective substitute for wet architectural coatings.

Does powder coating meet specific regional and state requirements such as the Florida Specification? Does it conform to industry specifications?

Yes, powder coat meets and exceeds the Florida test component of each AAMA grade level. Powder coat is available in AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, and AAMA 2605.

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